Coastal Design
 PO Box 454
 Waterford, CT, 06385

 Mitch Margolis
 Phone: 860-437-0084
 FAX: 860-444-2010

  Our customers include...

  • Research & Development
         Solutions, Inc.
  • General Dynamics
         / Electric Boat Corporation
  • General Dynamics
         / Information Technology
  • Sonalysts, Inc
  • Faria Corporation
  • Anteon Corporation
  • Future Technologies Inc.
  • L3 GSI
  • Columbia Research Corporation
  • Allied Marine Services
  • H Scientific Ltd
  • Engineering Services & Consultation

    Coastal Design can develop or assist your project from start to finish, maintain and archive your project, and make changes as needed long after the project is finished. If you have infrequent projects, Coastal Design can take care of your engineering needs without the need for your company to go through hiring and layoff cycles.

    System Integration ~ Coastal Design can specify the equipment, or use your equipment, provide software development, implement and test your project.

    Printed Circuit Board Development ~ We can take your design and your specifications to create your custom PCB.

    Microcontroller Based Projects ~ Extensive Microchip PIC controller experience. Intel 87x196, 8051, 8097 microcontroller background.

    Custom Analog/Digital Circuit Design ~ Custom CPLD and FPGA circuitry, Analog Digital conversions, precision instrumentation circuit design.

    Test Programs, ATE, Applications ~ Extensive and innovative software development using National Instruments LabVIEW, including device drivers for serial, VME, PCI devices.